Profiler Options

Just a friendly reminder that you should change your password often and enable the enhanced security to keep your account secure. The Black Market on Dead Frontier is active and malicious users are always looking for vulnerable accounts.

Website Options

Background Changer

If you would like, you can change the background for the profiler. This only affects your view and no one elses.

If your background doesn't change, please refer to this.

Sounds and Notifications

If you'd like to hear sound notifications, please enable them with this button.

Boss Reset Notification:

OA Notifications:

Nastya's Holdout:

Dogg's Stockade:

Precinct 13:

Fort Pastor:

Secronom Bunker:

Save Profiler Changes:

Desktop Notifications

Desktop notifications will cause a small pop-up that will give you information like an OA at the outpost of your choice and a full inventory.

Desktop notifications are not configurable at this time. More notifications are on the way!